"This book will spark a transformation in the way we sell."

- Dan Heath, NYT best-selling co-author of SwitchMade to StickThe Power of Moments, and Upstream

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Overcome Customer Indecision

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About The JOLT Effect

A new study of 2.5 million sales conversations reveals why customers tend to chose inaction over action and the counterintuitive playbook—the "JOLT Effect approach"—that high performers use to overcome customer indecision and close more deals

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Authors Matt Dixon and Ted McKenna are providing bonus materials and tools to help companies engage, retain, and grow customer relationships


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Meet the Authors

Matthew Dixon

DCMi co-founder
Matt Dixon is known for his provocative work in the areas of sales, customer service, and customer experience. He is the author of three Amazon and Wall Street Journal best-selling books: The Challenger Sale, The Effortless Experience, and The Challenger Customer­.

Ted McKenna

DCMi co-founder
Ted McKenna is an accomplished sales and customer experience researcher whose work has appeared in the pages of Harvard Business Review. Prior to co-founding DCMi, Ted held numerous executive leadership positions for Tethr, Russell Reynolds, and CEB (now, a part of Gartner). 
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