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Call Auditing Tool

A tool for managers or reps to gauge use of JOLT techniques on sales calls and understand strengths and areas of improvement.

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Interview Guide

A guide for hiring sellers more likely to be strong on JOLT Effect skills, including sample interview questions and what to look for in their responses. 

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Customer Win-Loss Questions

Sample questions to decipher indecision levels in your won, lost, or no decision deals for use in win-loss surveys or interviews.

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Coaching Guide

New questions managers can use with their team to enhance seller self-discovery and replicate JOLT seller performance.

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 Indecision Gauge

Use this interactive tool to measure your buyer's level of indecision and to qualify or disqualify deals based on the level of indecision.      

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Complete Resource Guide

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Private course options to overcome indecision

Curious how JOLT Effect fits with other sales methodologies?

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Sample subscriber-only resources

Personalizing Recommendations for Hesitant Buyers

Self-Guided Learning Module

 Coaching Reps to Overcome Indecision

Manager Tool

 When FUD Backfires

Team Huddle Pack

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