JOLT Effect in the Media

Harvard Business Review

Matt Dixon and Ted McKenna write about what makes customer indecision so dangerous and lay out the "JOLT method" to overcome indecision and grow businesses.

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Forbes Article

Tethr's CEO Robert Beasley shares why sales teams should talk to indecisive customers differently.

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How do you change indecisive customers into buyers?

Matt Dixon writes about an unexpected reason why some potential purchasers sit on the fence rather than commit.

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The best way to get a customer off the fence? Get to know them.

Matt Dixon shares our findings of how high performing sellers judge the level of customer indecision.

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Winning by Design + The JOLT Effect

Jacco van der Kooij talks with Matt Dixon about how Winning by Design is partnering to bring JOLT Effect solutions around buyer indecision.

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The Sales Enablement Brew

Ted McKenna sits down with Carly Lehner and Malvina El-Sayegh on how to deal with customer indecision and the fear of messing up in the current economic environment

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Winning the Challenger Sale

Host Jen Allen sits down with Matt Dixon to discuss driving urgency for change and The JOLT Effect.

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Aaron Evans Sales Training

In an interview with sales enablement influencer Aaron Evans, Matt Dixon explains how to avoid "Think it Overs" with potential customers.

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Why Sales Stall and How to Fight Back

Salespeople spend valuable time on conversations that lead to dead ends because customers can't decide. So how do you navigate a conversation with a buyer in a way that can help them avoid analysis paralysis or other forms of indecision?

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