How to overcome customer indecision

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  • Our course offers self-guided training on key JOLT Effect behaviors
  • Sellers learn how to apply skills featured in the book
  • Featuring more than 100 micro-learning videos created by The JOLT Effect authors
  • Includes dozens of new tools, expanded concepts, and practical exercises built by our research team  
  • Course completion earns certification 
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Coach the team

Leaders will be equipped with many tools that reflect our latest research, helping managers model and coach towards behaviors proven to overcome customer indecision.

Huddle packs help the team coalesce around key lessons and themes as they try new skills. Podcast episodes are tailored for different points of the learning journey, highlighting important places leaders can emphasize and contribute. Discussion guides broker team conversation around module topics and kickstart ideation to solidify next day action steps.

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Additional Services

Keynote Presentations

Our team can deliver keynote-style presentations at your sales kickoffs or leadership retreats

JOLT Effect Call Analysis

Our team can conduct a full team assessment, using advanced AI/ML models, on key behaviors

Private Courses

Our team is available to conduct synchronous virtual classes and workshops          

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