Additional Services

Speaking Engagements

Matt Dixon and Ted McKenna are sought-after speakers and advisors to corporate leadership teams around the world on topics ranging from sales effectiveness to customer service and customer experience. Keynotes can be delivered live or virtually and we have solutions for many sized budgets. Contact Stephen Kirkpatrick at [email protected] for more details.

Author-led Workshops

We conduct JOLT Effect workshops comprising a variety of experiences, ranging from strategic leadership sessions to hands-on structured exercises with sales teams focused on overcoming customer indecision. Workshops can be conducted live or virtually and we have solutions for many sized budgets. Contact us for more details.

JOLT Effect Call Analysis

Machine learning models rate your team’s ability to JOLT past customer indecision. Our team will apply the same models used in the book to tens of thousands of call recordings or transcripts, providing analysis comparing your high performers to others and a seller-level breakdown. Contact us for pricing and details.

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