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JOLT Effect versus other sales methods

One common question we get is about how the JOLT EffectTM method integrates with other existing sales methodologies. The answer is JOLT EffectTM snaps right on top of any and all sales methodologies.

Why is that? Well, nearly all sales methodologies are built for one purpose: to beat the customer's view of their status quo. That remains a very important part of selling. If the buyer doesn't believe change is necessary you won't sell anything. But no other sales methodology really addresses customer indecision, which is the heart of The JOLT Effect.

What does that mean for you? No need to throw out your existing methods and practices. No need to disrupt the hard work you've done to teach your sales team how best to sell change. Adopting JOLT EffectTM behaviors and overcoming customer indecision will fit right on top of whatever is your preferred method.

See below for more on how JOLT EffectTM fits in with most other sales playbooks.

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Our curriculum

Our team built a robust curriculum that significantly expands on the concepts found in the book. As we dug back into the study and actually examined high performing sellers in high indecision moments, we isolated real and practical examples, answering critical questions such as:

  • What does it mean to actually qualify an opportunity based on level of indecision? 
  • How can a sales rep spot and size "cold feet" within and between interactions?
  • How does a salesperson improve their recommendation? How can they even know if it's been well received?
  • What does it look like when a buyer has reached the "analysis paralysis" stage?
  • Are there day-to-day tactics a seller can use to keep purchase exploration to reasonable levels?
  • How can one get better at taking risk off the table?
  • What might a team do to find new potential decision safety nets?

And then, knowing how difficult it can be to try new skills and change behavior, we aim to teach salespeople in an engaging manner how to think about adopting new approaches. This begins by specifying failure paths, highlighted by lessons detailing:

  1. Why does this keep happening?
  2. What happens if sellers don't change?
  3. How can a rep avoid common traps and pitfalls?

As an example, here's a lesson that examines why purchase exploration can tip from reasonable to excessive levels as the decision unfolds:

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Learners then work on skills for addressing specific problems. This often begins with a frame of reference salespeople can use to apply new behaviors. As one example, here's a lesson that introduces how the best sellers think about making recommendations:

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Putting it all together

Each of the four J-O-L-T pillars represent key sales behaviors necessary to overcome customer indecision. Exercises and tools are woven throughout the curriculum to allow for practical application to actual deals being worked. This heightens learning absorption and starts the process of learners taking these principles out into the field. 

All of this comes together in a compelling self-paced course featuring more than 100 micro-learning videos taught through 10 modules. See below for a short overview demo:

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